High Quality Granular Urea 46
Urea is used as a surface fertilizer, alone or mixed with other fertilizers
High Purity 100% Water Soluble Compound Urea Fertilizer
This urea fertilizer is with high nitrogen and biuret, which it caused to be hurt to crops if used improperly. Pls. be careful to crops of weak resist...
Water soluble fertilizer urea phosphate
Prilled urea from Jin Coal Sun Stone
Urea is a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer,is a neutral organic fertilizer,also can be used in the production of compound fertilizer. In indu...
urea fertilizer 46% with SGS certificate
Urea was actually a natural moisturizing factor urea, some expensive cosmetics special logo confused many people.
Dap and urea fertilizer
Urea fertilizer, also known as carbamide, is the most important nitrogenous fertilizer. It is a white crystalline organic chemical compound containing...
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