Law material of Urea fertilizer
Urea is white or little red solid grain, and show little alkalescence. It also can be hydrolyzed and shrinked. It is mainly used in synthetic resin, m...
How to Dissolve Urea for a Foliar Fertilizer?
Foliar sprays are a useful method for providing nutrients to plants through their leaves. Foliar sprays are most useful for trace nutrients, but they ...
 Urea fertilizer with PP woven bag
Urea fertilizer can be coated with certain materials, such as sulfur, to reduce the rate at which the nitrogen becomes available to plants.
Highest urea fertilizer in Nitrogen
Different plants have different nitrogen needs, and a few nitrogen-greedy plants can leave the soil badly depleted. Gardeners and farmers add nitrogen...
Urea fertilizers 46% for Agriculture
Urea 46 Fertilizer,urea fertilizers for Agriculture,urea fertilizer 46%
Make  Urea Fertilizer at home
You can collect urine from yourself and your family or roommates, and have free fertilizer for your outdoor plants.
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