how to make calcium chloride?
2015-11-10 15:46:38
The construction of industrial calcium chloride used as an antifreeze, to accelerate the hardening of concrete and cold hardiness of sand mortar.
The active adoption of domestic and foreign advanced and mature production experience, make full use of existing has been part of the public facilities using its own unique advanced technology to improve the technical level.
We pay attention to environmental protection flake calcium chloride can be used as cold comprehensive treatment, improve utilization of reducing project investment;
The improved device makes more easy to calcium hypochlorite bleaching effect the level of automation, optimization of operating conditions to improve the quality of products;
The improved production conditions of calcium chloride can improve the permeability of the cell membrane, increase capillary wall dense protective health.
Calcium chloride production process: introduction of acid method and alkali method
Now the production process of calcium chloride plant can be divided into two kinds, one kind is acid method, the other is alkali method.
1) the production of calcium chloride with acid factory, mostly located in the mountainous area. Calcium chloride was prepared by chemical reaction with limestone and hydrochloric acid.
Process: acid hydrochloride and lime powder according to the proportion of investment reaction cylinder, pH, removal of various impurities.
2) the production of calcium chloride by alkali factories are located in the salt base, because the use of liquid alkali soda plant.
The process of alkaline materials: alkaline solution - drying - evaporation - concentration - calcium block system.
Using the above two methods to make calcium block, the following two methods of processing no difference.
According to different processes and methods, it can be made of powder, massive, granular, and spherical calcium chloride.
The method of preparing anhydrous calcium chloride is a process of drying and dewatering.