what is calcium chloride used for?
2015-11-02 14:49:42

what is calcium chloride used for?



1, Desiccant, deicing salt, dust removal, oil drilling, drilling fluid, petrochemical dehydrating agent, latex coagulant in rubber industry

2, Rubber industry- latex coagulant

3, Ferrous metallurgy industry , as the chlorinating agent and additives

4,  Paper Industry Additives (Enhanced paper strength)

5,  Dry strength agent in the construction industry (increase concrete strength, the coagulant of production coatings )

6,  Chemical industry, used as inorganic Chemicals and sulfate removal agent

7,  Sodium alginate coagulant

8,  Refrigeration industry, used as refrigeration cooling solution and the process gas and the liquid medium used in air conditioning systems

9, Used as the control of wheat. Apple cabbage rot and food preservatives, etc.